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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Setting up HUAWEI MT 841 router for Multi User

I had faced major problem setting up my HUAWEI MT 841 router for my desktop as well as my office laptop. I searched a lot on web but didn't find any direct solution. Then I tried trial and error and after a lot of set backs finally I could able to set up the router so that I can access net through my desktop and laptop simultaneously.

Please follow the steps:

1. Access your router

Most of the time the userId/password is admin/admin else you have set it to something else.

2. Go to Advanced-->ADSL
Set the following
ADSL Modulation: G. Dmt

Keep rest of the things as it is.

3. Go to Basic-->Connections
You can see there will be many PVCs. Click on the Notes where you see VPI/VCI is 0/35
Delete that PVC.

Click New
Let's say it's PVC-N

Set the followings:
VPI/VCI: 0/35
Encapsulation: LLC
Default Route: Enabled
Provide User name and Password (which you get from the service provider)
Use DNS: Enabled

4. Click on "Apply" and then Click on "Save All"
Your Router will restart. Please wait untill it restarts.

5. Follow Step 1

6. Go to Advanced --> VLAN
You will see 4 Ethernet ports here for this ADSL Modem
Click on the Notes of respective Ethernet port.

Please set the following:
VLAN Binding status: Enabled VLAN Binding
Under VLAN Port Binding properties
Select binding PVC: Check the PVC-N (Keep other PVCs checked)
[I didn't try without checking the other PVCs and it worked for me]

7. Follow Step 4

You should be all set now. You just need to connect your RJ-45 cable to your desktop/laptop from the Ethernet port of your ADSL Modem. You can keep on adding more desktop/laptop to this Modem. Don't forget the configure that Ethernet port in Step 6.

If you find any problem please leave comments.

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