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Monday, April 14, 2008

Desktop resolution problem ("Out of range")

Recently I was really surprised by the behavior of my desktop resolution. I was looking at Kilimanjaro photographs taken by one of my colleague's cousin. I liked one picture and wanted to set that as a background image. I didn't know that my LG Flatron 15" has a limit of 1024 X 786 pixel. So when I tried to change the resolution of the picture to something like 1280 X 800 pixel, the screen went blank with a message "Out of range" with some frequency information.
I tried to restart to fix the same but it again showed me the same blank screen.
I am going to tell you now how to get rid of this problem. This solution is for Windows XP (SP2) only as I didn't try this with other OS.
1. Restart windows
2. Before the windows start up screen keep on pressing F8 untill you see some options of how to start windows.
3. Please select "Safe Mode" option.
4. Once the windows starts it shows a pop-up saying "Are you going to restore earlier configuration?". Please don't ignore this and say Yes.
5. Please select some past date you are comfortable with.
6. Save your changes and restart windows.
7. You can see your monitor working like before.

Please leave comment if you find any problem with this solution.

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